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‘Enjoy learning together; building foundations for life.’

Pick up & Drop Off

Children may enter school when their class doors open. Please allow sufficient time for the children to be ready to begin learning by arriving promptly. If children arrive late, their classroom doors will be closed and they will need to use the main entrance.

At the end of afternoon school, if parents are delayed in collecting their child for any reason, children should return to school and, having notified a member of staff, wait in the entrance hall.

Parking places close to school are limited. Please be aware of local residents when choosing a place to park so that access to driveways is maintained.

There are safe crossing places at the end of the school drive and opposite Pannal Green.

Parents waiting to collect children often wait in the playground.


We are an inclusive school for children between the ages of 4 and 11 years old and welcome all children into our school community.

We usually have the capacity to admit children at any stage in the school year should they move into our local area but some year groups are sometimes full.

For any child starting at Pannal School we aim to ensure a smooth and welcoming transition. We will make every effort to get to know your child quickly both in terms of their academic abilities and their personal qualities.

All children who will reach their fifth birthday within the academic year are admitted to school at the start of September. Parents should note that children are not legally required to attend school until the first day of the term in which they have their 5th birthday. Any parents wishing to take up this option are invited to discuss their thoughts with Mrs Turner.

We have a system in place, which allows us to gather a range of information about reception-aged children before they start school. This system consist of a number of meetings and visits

  • In May after the admissions list has been distributed by the Local Authority parents are invited to an open meeting where Mrs Turner, (the Headteacher) and the class teacher talk generally about aspects of school life and give you an insight into the school day.
  • Finally in July the children will be invited to visit school for 3 visits so that they can experience school before starting in September.
  • In June the class teacher will visit your child’s nursery or playgroup so that children will be familiar with them.

All admissions are processed through the Harrogate Area Education Office. Admission forms are available either on their website www.northyorks.gov.uk or from the school.

You are most welcome to visit school if you are considering applying for a place for your child. Appointments can be made with Mrs Turner by ringing the school.